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The reasons to conduct an inspection on your asset are endless. You deserve accurate, up-to-date information on homes, buildings, land, businesses, and collateral you have insured or invested in. Inspections keep borrowers accountable and ensure your investment is protected. Our proactive approach helps mitigate and prevent potential financial loss.

Saves Money + Ensures Safety

We are your eyes and ears in the field, and our hands-on style helps prevent, protect, and minimize potential financial losses. 22 Hill’s proactive approach gets in front of problems before they become economic and legal nightmares. The longer issues go unresolved, the greater the liability and monetary impact.


A reactive “wait and see” attitude can prove costly!  

Peace of Mind

With our team of qualified professionals and in-depth reporting, we promise to deliver peace of mind. From dispatch to submission, 22 Hill provides white glove service. We separate ourselves from our competitors by our positive attitude combined with reliable, proven results that help protect your business and investments. Whether it is 1 or 1000 orders, you know you’re in good hands with 22 Hill.

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