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Our world-class team provides a one-of-a-kind experience met with unparalleled enthusiasm. We are passionate about what we do, and love serving our clients and vendors. The kind of experience you get at 22 Hill is the reason so many have partnered with us. We couldn't do it without this group!

In 2011 Geof saw a glaring need within the field services industry. Business was no longer personal, profits mattered more than relationships, and technology was lacking. Rather than sit on his hands and do nothing, he and his former partner birthed what is now the envy of the field services industry in 22 Hill.

From its humble beginnings through today, the vision, mission and purpose Geof cast has never wavered or changed. The culture he has created is to do what is right, honest, fair, and to always advocate for clients and vendors. Geof empowers people to succeed and feel valued.

In January of 2018 Geof took over sole ownership and control of the company. Since that time 22 Hill has experienced an explosion of growth, having spun off a sister company North East Field Services. Regardless of growth, Geof continues to have a love for the people of the industry. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a personalized phone call, or a simple message saying hello, Geof’s passion is evident in everything he does.


What started as a small local firm with a few hundred inspections in one state has grown to a regional powerhouse performing 30 thousand plus orders a month through multiple states. Geof believes success should never compromise principles and that’s why 22 Hill continues to always “Put People before profits”

While work has always been a passion, his wife Kelly and daughter Tegan will always come first. Geof believes you cannot be exceptional in business if you’re not an excellent husband and father first. He cherishes spending time with them and their dog Fred. Geof is actively involved with his Church and oversees their outreach efforts. He is regularly in the community volunteering his resources, time, and efforts helping those less fortunate in the communities around him.


Since 2015, Lindy has been a central figure in the growth, and sustainability for 22 Hill. She came equipped with a bachelors in sociology, making her interpersonal communication skills and client interaction a great asset to the team. Lindy handles the day to day operations for 22 Hill, providing consistent and accurate real time updates to our clients, checking in daily with our vendor network, while at the same time promoting and reflecting our culture of excellence.

She has become a rock within the organization, an asset that our clients, and vendors in the field know they can always count on. Lindy is the calming voice our clients love to hear, always being proactive, putting them at ease. Our vendor network knows that if they have a question, concern, issue, or just need a friendly voice, Lindy is their go to.

She is currently stationed in China Lake, California with her U.S. Navy enlisted husband where she enjoys her time with him and her cats.


Eileen, Vice President Operations/ NEFS

Eileen has been a key player for 22 Hill since 2018. Her tenacity and willingness to learn and evolve with our company is the reason for our continued success and growth. A successful background in banking and insurance provides her the necessary business insights needed to run our operations smoothly and keep our clients happy. Her tenacious work ethic and ability to handle analytics and complex problems is admired by colleagues and clients alike. Our field network, and clients adore Eileen for her calm demeanor, encouraging words, and her “how can I help approach”

Eileen has a huge love for animals and will never turn away a good book.

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