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Our Services

22 Hill is a full-service field inspection company. We specialize in inspecting residential and commercial properties, businesses, construction sites, heavy machinery and various collateral types. We provide in-depth analysis and photo sets specifically catered to your inspection type.

  • Mobile Home

  • Property Condition Report

  • Radon

  • Construction Draw

  • Business Verification

  • Collateral

  • Insurance Loss Draft

  • Insurance Survey and Renewal

  • And so many more!

  • Contact Attempt Letter Delivery

  • Contact Attempt Door Card

  • Interior/Exterior Vacant Property Inspection     

  • REO QC

  • Repair Verification

  • Bankruptcy/No Contact

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • Sale Date

  • Trust Inspections

Areas We Serve

22 Hill wants to partner with you!  Based in CT and known as a leader and trend setter in the industry, our desire is to take the stress and hassle out of field inspections.  We provide full state coverage in CT, MA, RI, DE, NJ, NM, parts of FL, AL, and TX. We are constantly growing so please contact us directly for our updated coverage.

We provide independent residential and commercial inspections to homeowners, engineers, contractors, renters, insurance agencies, business owners, banks, credit unions, municipalities, architects as well as federal and state agencies.

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